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Fast Friends Club
Travel should be rewarding, no matter how far or how often you travel. That's why, when you join the FastFriends Club, you'll enjoy all of the privileges of being a friend of Fast Ferries right from the start.
FastFriends is a program addressed to adult passengers who travel with Fast Ferries collecting points and spending them in free or discounted tickets.

Join FastFriends
Join Fast Friends by visiting web.forth-crs.gr/fastferries/Default.aspx?lang=EN . After your free registration you will receive by email your Fast Friends card which you may print out and use it immediately to collect points.
With your registration automatically you win 30 point.

Account Manager
After you have registered to the program, you will be able to log in to your account online and be informed in detail for your transactions, the balance of your points , as well as to enjoy even more online services.
For any further information you may contact directly with our Central Agencies or our central office, 10 Skouze str. Piraeus GR-18536, tel. +302104182005, mail: fastfriends@fastferries.com.gr

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